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Dark and cold and howling wind,
My ire hot and anger strong,
I walk the streets and long for blood,
A lioness whose prey is gone.
My skin is cold but blood is hot,
The need to rip, the need to hurt,
I know I can’t nor would I try,
But hurt and anger are deadly food,
And I eat upon it in the dark,
And all that’s past and all to come,
I know I must step back and calm,
To calm and settle and fight no more,
To return to peace, to cool my blood,
And in the dark and cold and wind,
I try to calm, I look for peace,
For ire cooled and anger dropped,
For waning fire and waxing calm,
Back to myself, I turn once more,
And let it go and walk beyond,
The lioness back to her cave,
And warm my skin and cool my blood,
And let Fate do what must be done.
~Heated Blood by Bethany Davis, October 5, 2014


Central Heating
By Bethany Davis

Central heating
On a cold day
Such a pleasure
Such a joy
A chilly house
Bringing goose bumps
To my bare skin
And making my breasts hard
My nipples stand up
Cami and shorts
Not warm enough
For the chilly house
The water running
Warming for my shower
As I wait I get ready
My shorts fall
To the cold floor
My cami on top
My panties slide
Down my legs
To pile on the floor
I step to the corner
Legs spread over the vent
Closing my eyes to enjoy
I can’t help but wonder
Does the house’s central heating
Enjoy the view more
Or does my central heating
Enjoy its touch more?

White Snow, and Red, Red Nails
By Bethany Davis

White snow, and red, red nails,
Long, pale fingers, in freezing cold.
Wet and painful, cold’s hard burn,
Summer’s breeze is winter’s storm.
What once cooled nicely, now is dread,
Cuts the bones and cools the blood.
Bow your head, before the cold,
Stinging needles, of ice and cold.
Quickly moving, against the cold,
Moving slowly for slick and snow.
Through an eternal, blinding walk,
At least the door, and then to warmth.

Skinny Dipping in a Mountain Lake
By Bethany Davis

Cold wind, warm sun,
Contrasting sensations,
Playing on my bare skin.
Bare feet, soft grass,
Refreshing and nice,
Urging to step forward.
Soft clouds, blue skies,
Looking down on me,
Watching and waiting.
Giant mountains, dry hills,
Waiting patiently,
For me to take a step.
Crystal water, brown mud,
My naked body reflected,
With sky, clouds, and hills.
Cold water, colder toes,
As my foot slips gently,
Oh so gently into the water.
Squishy mud, pure water,
Sliding between my toes,
So natural and so pure.
One foot, two feet,
Mud up to my ankle,
Water rising up my calves.
One step, two steps,
I walk out away from the bank,
The water getting deeper and deeper.
Deeper water, higher water,
The passes my knees,
Slowly moving up my calves
Goose bumps, tingling flesh,
As the cold water rises,
Reaching bare places used to warmth.
Cold water, cold wind,
My arms held close,
Wrapped around my breasts.
Pausing, waiting,
As I build up courage,
For what I will do next.
Breathe in, breathe out,
I brace myself,
As I quickly drop down in.
Frozen flesh, rippling waves,
My legs out in front,
My naked body in to my neck.
Shivering body, force of will,
I wait as long as I can,
Before rising back to my feet.
Squishy mud, freezing wind,
I walk as fast as I can,
Through mud and hip high water.
One foot, two feet,
I climb onto the bank,
Shivering in the autumn wind.
Towel spread, body spread,
I set shivering,
Letting the warm sun bath me.
Warming sun, drying sun,
I lay there content,
The heat and nature comforting me.