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Dark and cold and howling wind,
My ire hot and anger strong,
I walk the streets and long for blood,
A lioness whose prey is gone.
My skin is cold but blood is hot,
The need to rip, the need to hurt,
I know I can’t nor would I try,
But hurt and anger are deadly food,
And I eat upon it in the dark,
And all that’s past and all to come,
I know I must step back and calm,
To calm and settle and fight no more,
To return to peace, to cool my blood,
And in the dark and cold and wind,
I try to calm, I look for peace,
For ire cooled and anger dropped,
For waning fire and waxing calm,
Back to myself, I turn once more,
And let it go and walk beyond,
The lioness back to her cave,
And warm my skin and cool my blood,
And let Fate do what must be done.
~Heated Blood by Bethany Davis, October 5, 2014


And Tears Fall
By Bethany Davis

Emotions high but spirits low,
Pain that’s deep and sorrow strong,
What to say?  How to talk?
And tears fall.

Strength within seem way too small,
But holding on and standing talk,
How to hide it?  How to praise?
And tears fall.

My back is straight, I face the pain,
Emotions consuming but will is strong,
Can I make it?  Can I live?
And tears fall.

Life goes on and pain it fades,
Another challenge, another day,
What is memory?  What is thought?
And tears fall.